Not All Guests Are Invited

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Synoposis of Film

Written by Tony Bullis

One year after the death of her father, Jana Davies travels to a picturesque summer house located on a vineyard. Jana's family gather at the vineyard to host a wedding where she forced to confront the overwhelming guilt she feels over her father's passing. A malevolent spirit haunts the house and threatens her entire family.

Shooting Date

Fall 2017


  • Jana Davies
  • Brooke Davies
  • Landon Davies
  • Clair Davies
  • Kelly Brigston
  • Mark Hughes
  • Demon Spirit
  • Robina Lawson

Vineyard the Movie
Designed by Matt Heisler and Tony Bullis
Created by Matt Heisler

Marketing & Promotions

Horror films have always been in a unique genre of there own. Many new and independent film makers have turned to this genre because horror films can be shot on an ultra low budget and are fun to make! With the high demand for horror films filmmakers can use this as a platform to introduce their talents to the world.

Most horror films can be produced for less then a million dollars and don't need A or B list actors attached to become popular. The films demand, basically depends on the concept and how scary they are. Movie goers that love this genre, watch for the thrill of a good scare and gory scenes!

The Producers of "The Vineyard" believe that this film is a great vehicle for us all to launch our careers. "The Vineyard" is a sexy scary film that will satisfy any horror film fan. It has a heroine battling a demonic sprit, deaths, and a wedding gone horribly wrong! This film is a true winner!

The Vineyard is a $250,00.00 feature film that will be shot on HD RedCam. The $250k budget leaves plenty of room for profit. Companies like Netflix, Shomi, HBO Showtime etc are known to purchase ultra low budget films from the horror genre starting at $1,000,000.00. Thus there is good marketing potential for "The Vineyard"!

The Producers would like to thank all the companies that supported us on making the trailer thus far. None of this would be possible without you're support! So a big Thank You!

  • Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
  • Township 7 Winery
  • New Image College
  • Pit Stop Portable
  • Tim Hortens
  • Kahuna’s Fish & Chips
  • Jim’s Pizzeria
  • Roundhouse Community Centre
  • Kwik Kopy Print